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Eco Restoration Man are experts in restoring and maintaining parquet and hardwood flooring and surfaces across Kent and Surrey. Using the most effective methods and industry proven products, we are able to achieve excellent results.


For laid and pre-polished floors we can remove the existing, but worn polish and re-seal and re-polish the floor for that just laid look, giving a stunning finish. This method also applies to parquet and all pre-sanded floors, thus saving the client the need to re-sand floors.

A common problem related to parquet floors is the movement and sinking of one or more individual blocks. Some companies would turn down a job like this, or suggest a new floor be laid. We are specialists in dealing with these problems and can complete the necessary repairs to give a flawless finish.

Another popular service we can provide for those who are having problems finding a company who will undertake such a job, is continuing a parquet floor into a new extension, while making sure it is in keeping with the style and wear of the original floor, by using re-claimed wood that we source from one of our many specialist re-claimed wood companies.


We use only the finest of materials and products supplied by Bonna Kenna, leaders in their field with many award winning products to their name. All products used, from adhesives to sealers, varnish and polish are completely expandable, non toxic, non flammable, non slip and child friendly, therefore giving the client complete satisfaction.

In particular areas of high foot flow, such as hallways and landings, extra care and attention needs to be paid. The products we use deal with these areas with ease and precision.

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Dust sheets will be used at all times to insure that when a job is complete there will be no trace of dust or dirt. This avoids problems with allergies and illnesses such as asthma, which has become an increasing worry for clients and their families.

We pride ourselves on a stunning finish and when a contract is complete, the property is cleaned to the highest standard.


Once the contract has been completed we can recommend products that anyone can use to keep a fresh, newly polished look, mainly cleaning and maintaining products that need only be sprayed on and dry mopped off - All of which we can supply to the client.

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All our staff are BICS qualified to give your property a full and deep professional clean, after work has been completed - You will find it hard to notice that any contractors have been in your home.


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Tel 01732 672 042

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